Quality is at the heart of our business. We aim to deliver sustainable, profitable growth by providing high quality products and services which our customers trust.

Our quality principles and policy guide everyone within The Matador® Company.

To ensure that we continue to meet our high standards the Matador® Leadership Team are committed to:

  • The continuing development and implementation of our Quality Management System (QMS) which meets the requirements of ISO9001: 2015, and other applicable standards;
  • Appraising all our business activities in order to increase operational excellence in all our dealings with customers, consumers, vendors, employees and the communities in which we operate;
  • Managing and continually improving the QMS systematically, in every part of our business, assigning clear management responsibility for compliance and improvement;
  • Monitoring and maintaining our customer and legal requirement responsibilities;
  • Ensuring that Quality Objectives are set at all levels of the organisation and adequate resources are provided in order to achieve them;
  • Taking responsibility for all aspects of our supply chain, working with suppliers to ensure compliance with our QMS and improving our cost effectiveness and efficiency;
  • Seeking to become the preferred supplier to our customers through sustained improvement of quality in all aspects of the business.

This Quality Policy will be subject to review at regular intervals by the Leadership Team and will be displayed at all applicable sites and locations.

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