The ball joints used by Matador in their range of connecting links have been selected after arduous durability testing for their long life when compared with other joints. They can be supplied in either stainless steel or zinc plated steel according to the climatic conditions of the application.

The joints are manufactured with either left hand or right hand threads of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm nominal diameter according to the requirements of the connecting link in question. This nominal diameter relates to the hole size through the ball and also to the male threaded stud attached to
the body. They are assembled to aluminium tie bars at the lengths and
diameters specified for the application. Each ball joint is secured
in position by both a spring washer and a lock-nut with the
added security of a thread locking compound.

As illustrated above tie rods can be supplied straight or with 1 or 2 cranks and with joints that are set at different angles to each other to suit the installation. In all cases tie rods are assembled according to a setting jig to ensure repeatable production standards.

In special applications it is further possible to supply tie rods with protective nitrile rubber boots fitted over the ball joints in order to exclude contamination of the bearing surfaces.