Matador has introduced a range of Underhook wiper blades designed specifically to complement the associated range of wrap over wiper arms. The styling of these wiper blades provides protection for the travelling washer jet assemblies, which are located on the blade pivot pin inside the spine of the assembly.

It will be seen that the blades are of a sleek appearance and contribute towards enhancing the overall visual impression created by the arm and blade assembly on the front of the bus or coach to which they are fitted. They are finished in a semi-matt black coating that is applied by the electro-phoretic process followed by a topcoat providing UV protection.

Three sizes of wiper blade are available, 800, 900 and 1000mm in length as identified in the table below.

The wiper blades have been subjected to significant durability testing both on vehicles and on Matador test rigs with excellent performance results supporting their application and use in both the OEM and after-market business areas.
Washer Jet Location
Blade Length (mm)
Part Number