Matador has established a design for wrap-over windscreen wiper arms that provides the facility for engagement with the under-hook method of attachment to the wiper blade. The blade interface mechanism provides a positive method of engagement and integrates with a unique multi jet washer fluid spray nozzle. A further unique feature is the incorporation of an anti lift off device that prevents the wiper arm and blade being lifted off the screen during high speed driving or by the action of bus or coach washing machine when the vehicle is driven through it. In this latter case it prevents the arms from crashing onto the screen causing damage after the brushes release their grab on the arm and blade assembly.
Note the sleek appearance and style of the wrap-over arm assembly
Underhook Blade Mount

It will be seen from the pictures that the wiper arm has been designed and manufactured in such a manner that it presents a pleasing smoothness of profile and stylish appearance that complements the front of the vehicle. The arm is finished in a semi-matt black colour process achieved by the electrophoretic paint deposition process coupled with a further protective surface that prevents discolouration by ultra violet light.

Exhaustive testing has been carried out on accelerated life test rigs giving rise to exceptional durability performance standards that more then exceed any known OEM specification. These tests have been further supported by road trials on high speed coach applications where corresponding results have also been achieved.

Typical wrap-over wipe pattern
Note the effect of the anti-lift device and the simple method of disengagement