The 12 DIN range of pantograph wiper arms forms part of a family of new arms produced by Matador which include 16 DIN, Knurled Driver and Square Drive configurations as related on separate data sheets. In this case the pantograph wiper arms will directly interchange with those currently used in railway applications and can be supplied with bridge widths of 44, 50 and 60mm and various blade clip widths including 10.8 and 13.6mm amongst others.

A major advantage with these new types of arms is that they incorporate an integral anti-lift off device that prevents the wiper arm and blade being lifted off the screen during high-speed operation or turbulent air flow conditions. Such anti-lift off devices have previously been fitted as an expensive accessory whereas the integral version is available at no extra cost when compared to the earlier standards of wiper arms. The wiper arms are finished in a semi-matt black colour process achieved by the electro-phoretic paint deposition process coupled with a further protective surface that prevents discolouration by ultra-violet light.

Slave Arm

Main Arm

12 DIN Taper Spline Head

6mm (") diameter
Collett Nut
Mounting Point for 3-hole Jet
Integral Anti-Lockback Device
Exhaustive testing has been carried out on accelerated life test rigs giving rise to exceptional durability standards that satisfies all known OEM specifications. These tests have further been supported by practical trials on high and medium speed trains over periods of 6-12 months where corresponding results have also been achieved.
Note the effect of the anti-lift device and the simple method of disengagement